What a great meeting! James Ainsworth was on point tonight again, talking plate mechanics. His helper was a little over qualified, Mr Myron Miller. SEC umpire with 20+years experience. Make sure you watch for these guys working each weekend across the country.

James/Myron spoke for 1:45 just on plate mechanics. Power point material followed up by game experiences references. It was awesome!

1. Foot placement, head height, readiness and distance from the catcher are major factors in successful strike calling.
2. Indicator goes in the left hand, ( do you best not to continuously looking down at the indicator between pitches. Also a good rule of thumb is displaying the ball/strike count every three pitches. But remember, certain counts demand a visual effort.
3. Practice often in a mirror. Make strike calls, safe calls and out calls
4. When working in the mirror utilize a chair to help fine tune distance, form, timing and appearance of your calls.
5. Make sure you come clean shaven and wear crisp clean clothes to your games.
6. Box stance is what most umpires should use. Make sure you get locked in and keep your head still. ( movement of the head will create inconsistent strike zones).

These are just a few great tips that were provided tonight. Next week meeting will be in Broussard at 6pm. James has promised us seasoned, and very talented umpires will be giving us pointers.